Training and

The compliance awareness is built through continuous training to prevent breaches of our values, principles and guidelines.

The purpose of the Ethics and Compliance training program is to:
  • Disseminate the Embraer’s values, standards, policies and procedures regarding ethical business conduct
  • Conduct E&C training to all employees involving the board of directors, top management and areas particularly dedicated to assure compliance such as procurement, sales, finance legal, government relations business development, internal audit and controls
  • Use several ways for ethics education and awareness programs such as web-based, live and external certification providing knowledge in compliance with the laws and regulations
  • Continuous training through updated courses, materials and news from external providers and internal education systems
  • Deliver focus training on anti-corruption and export control laws and regulations
  • Provide training in all countries where the company operates and has sites, subsidiaries, affiliates and business partners

Awareness is reinforced through internal and external communication which supports compliance topics in the company. All employees are informed of new measures and developments via intranet, e-mail, Embraer’s internal television and mainly from the leadership in regular meetings. Our external public is informed about what we are doing from website, news and publications such as the company’s annual report.