Commitment with the laws, regulations and policies of Embraer

Ethics and Compliance

Embraer seeks to ensure the highest level of corporate integrity and ethics in its activities. To this end, it has established a Compliance Program to promote and support all activities in compliance with the laws, regulations and its internal policies

Compliance Program Goals

  • Promote a culture of integrity based on our values and Embraer's Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Support Embraer departments through risk prevention, detection of red flags, process improvement, events investigation
  • Consolidate all Compliance initiatives, including the Anti -Corruption, Export Control and Helpline – whistleblowing channel – policies

Compliance Program pillars

The Embraer’s Compliance Program is based on the following pillars:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk management
  • Policies and procedures
  • Communication and Training
  • Helpline
  • Self assessment and tests
  • Third party Compliance
  • Continuous audit and improvement
Corporate Governance

Compliance Program governance is described by the following structure:

  • Embraer Ethics and Compliance program is supervised by the Board of Directors and its Audit, Risk & Ethics Committee, ensuring the department’s autonomy and embracing ethical values in the Company's strategic decisions
  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is responsible for conducting ethics & integrity initiatives and encouraging the Compliance culture at all levels of the organization
  • Compliance Leadership manages the Compliance Program, establishing policies and procedures, training and communications to different audiences, Monitoring risks and conducting investigations of potential illegal or unethical conduct
  • Compliance Officers design and execute Program initiatives, support Business Areas with their questions and oversee Compliance Ambassadors’ activities
  • Compliance structure is also enhanced by the Compliance Ambassadors, responsible for spreading the culture of Compliance into Business Areas, and by the Compliance Agents, who review and aprove Compliance-related activities on daily basis

The compliance organization is complemented with the group of dedicated compliance officers and reinforced with the teams of compliance agents involved on day to day operations.
The Compliance System

Compliance Program initiaves are based on risk assessments, which are the starting point for the strategic planning applicable to the other pillars; Compliance Strategic Plan goal is to ensure that all its initiatives are aligned and deeply embedded throughout Embraer’s operations.

System Compliance