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The Helpline is a confidential tool for employees and stakeholders to report or seek support for ethical behavior concerns related to potential violation of Embraer’s policies as well as any law or regulation.

Embraer does not tolerate retaliation for anyone who reports a concern in good faith.

All reported issues, concerns, complaints or breaches directed to the Embraer Helpline will be treated on a confidential and anonymous basis.

* Due to certain legislations, some countries do not allow the anonymous report and Embraer will respect the respective laws informing the particular whistleblower when the requirement arises.

  • Brazil: 0800-721-5968
  • Portugal: 800-180-118
  • USA: 1-877-900-8779
  • Singapore: 800-130-2122
  • China: 400-120-4946
  • France: 0805-080608
  • Netherlands: 0-800-022-7230
  • Via Website: Embraer Helpline

This channel must be used exclusively for reporting concerns relating to ethical conduct and compliance with the law, regulations and internal policies Embraer. If you need additional information, please contact the Compliance Department at Embraer .