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Embraer seeks to ensure the highest level of corporate integrity and ethics in its activities. To this end, it has established a Compliance Program to promote and support all activities in compliance with the laws, regulations and its internal policies

  • Promote the culture of integrity based on our values and the Embraer’s code of Ethics and Conduct;
  • Uphold Embraer's values and principles through prevention;
  • Implement best practices according to Embraer’s excellence program, the P3E;
  • Consolidate all compliance initiatives and in particular the Anti-Corruption and Export Control Programs;

The Embraer’s Compliance Program is based on the following elements:

The Ethics and Compliance organization is supervised by the Board of Directors and its Risk & Audit Committee and Embraer’s President and CEO as follows:

  • The Board of Directors and its Risks and Audit Committee ensure the effectiveness of the Company’s Compliance Program;
  • The President and CEO is responsible to lead all initiatives to promote the corporate integrity and comply to laws and regulations;
  • The Compliance Department provides day to day management of the Compliance Program establishing standards, procedures and training protocols to prevent illegal, unethical and improper conduct;

The compliance organization is complemented with the group of dedicated compliance officers and reinforced with the teams of compliance agents involved on day to day operations.

The Compliance system seeks to cover processes and operations based on risk assessment, policies and procedures, training and communication, monitoring and auditing, counseling, remediation and reporting lines. All initiatives are designed to prevent, detect and respond to any compliance requirement.

To contact the Compliance department, you can send an email to